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Lutheran Singles Retreat

You are warmly invited to a Lutheran Singles Retreat. The retreat will be held at Camp Okoboji in Milford, Iowa in the northwest corner of the state.

The retreat will be from Friday evening through Sunday morning, October 20-22.

The cost for this retreat is an even $100. This pays for two nights lodging in the very nice Bethel Retreat Center and 4 meals. Three meals on Saturday and breakfast Sunday morning. 

A map is included to give you directions to Camp Okoboji. You can also call the camp directly if you have specific questions. Kelli Jones is the Operations Director at the camp and her number is 866-449-3326.

We have invited several local districts to join us in the retreat. Along with Iowa District West, we have invited Iowa District East. Minnesota South, South Dakota, and the Nebraska Districts.

Register and pay in one easy step. Just click on the red button that says “Register & Pay Here” and you’re all set.

Bring your own bedding (twin size) and bring your Bible. As well as any snacks you may desire. the retreat center has a full kitchen.

Give me a call or email me with any questions: 641-745-5143 or

I hope you can come and I look forward to a very wonderful weekend retreat. I’ll be at the camp most of the day on Friday. Come when you can. I’ll see you when you get to camp. I’ll have some treats ready in the kitchen at the Bethel Retreat Center Friday evening.

God’s richest blessings to you.
Dr. Keith Schweitzer

To you and yours, I bring greetings.

Welcome to my webpage. I hope this will be a page you’ll bookmark. Come and visit me whenever you have some free time. I’ll include all kinds of little things. Pictures, thoughts, comments, prayers, stories. We’ll just see what happens.

For the sake of full disclosure, I’m a pastor of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. I’ve served various congregations for 33 years in Texas, Oklahoma, and here in Iowa. I live with my wonderful wife, Susan, here in our little town of Greenfield in southwest, Iowa. We’ve lived here for 20 years and I don’t see that changing. But the Lord may have other plans for us. We’ll see.

Our two children, David and Joanna, are the joy of our lives. I’ll tell you more about them in the future.

Leave any comments, prayer requests for you or those you love, or anything else on your mind or heart.

I hope to see you soon. Blessings to you all.

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