Everyday Blessings

I had hoped this past summer would be a time for rest and recuperation. I was wrong. This was a very busy and energetic summer. Life can certainly get very busy and chaotic. Many things happened this summer that were totally unexpected. But life can be that way. Anything can come at us out of the blue. My family and I had both good times and bad times this summer. We live in a fallen, sinful world. I thank God for His gift of prayer. That we can come to our heavenly Father with anything on our hearts and minds and know He hears and answers our every prayer. That wonderful gift made getting through this summer much easier. And I’m very thankful for that.

October 31st is Reformation Day. On that day in 1517, a young German monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 theological statements to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. His theses (as they are called) would rock the world and change the course of the Christian faith forever. We commemorate the Reformation of the 16th century which brought to the forefront the great truth that we are saved by grace alone in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our salvation is purely a gift accomplished for us. We do not contribute or work toward our salvation. Jesus has done everything for us in our place.

Despite this difficult day and age in which we live, we still have so much for which we are thankful. Thanksgiving day is Thursday, November 24th. It is a day established by Congressional law in which we as a nation are called upon to give thanks to our Lord for the abundant gifts with which He had blessed us. Many of these gifts we are completely unaware of. Let me share a few of these simple gifts for which I am truly thankful.

1. When I flip the light switch, the light comes on.

2. When I turn on the hot water in the shower, hot water comes out.

3. Ice in the ice maker to make my drink cold.

4. I appreciate the amazing things I can do on my computer.

5. I love making people happy with my photography hobby.

6. My very comfortable Lazy Boy chair.

7. Reading books on topics I really enjoy.

8. Delicious tasting food.

9. Play with the grandchildren.

10. Just visiting with my wonderful wife.

I could go on and on with this list. But these are some everyday blessings I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Let us give thanks to our gracious and generous Lord during this Thanksgiving holiday.

The Advent and Christmas season are soon upon us. Preparations for this joyous and festive season are already underway. We remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. That a child promised to us by God, came to earth to be our Savior and Lord. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. He lived a life teaching, preaching, healing, and serving. He showed Himself to be the very Savior of the world of whom the Scriptures foretold. This amazing truth we celebrate at Christmas. I’ll let you know our schedule of Advent services and Christmas services when the dates and times are finalized.